Ludgvan SEN

We promote high standards in education to all our pupils in the school, including those who require support during their time with us. We aim at early identification of need including the more able and focused intervention on a one to one or small group basis but endeavour to integrate children as much as possible. We encourage a caring attitude in all our pupils, valuing each other as special, with unique gifts.

When children require individual education plans, a team of staff, Parents and Carers and outside agencies work together for the benefit of each child.

The school’s SEN co-ordinator (or SENDI-CO) is Miss Grace Wright, is available by appointment and is more than happy to meet with parents. Simply Call our school office on 01736 740408 to make an appointment.

Our SEN and Safeguarding Governor is Mr Michael Payne, and can be contacted via the school office.

Our school is equipped with outdoor ramps for wheelchair use and stairlift for wheelchair use in the main corridor

Educational Pyscologist:

Rather than be placed on a waiting list for pupil support from an Educational Psychlogist, we have decided to buy in the additional services of our own private Educational Psychologist. Her name is Julie Wakely. Julie is an integral part of our SEN team, guiding and advising parents and staff with pupil support. To find out more, please do not hesitate to speak with Miss Grace Wright.

Dyslexia Screening Tests:

We have staff trained to undertake dyslexia screening in school. Following discussions with yourselves, we are able to assess your child and meet with you to discuss the outcomes.

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