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PE & Sports Premium

What do we spend the money on?

Within our school we have highly motivated and experienced staff, teaching high quality P.E lessons.  However, in recent years, we identified that football and multiskills were an area that we could improve.  With the funding we have been able to employ a qualified sports coach to focus on these areas.  Scott Goodchild coaches across our primary age range during lessons and through the children’s lunch break.  We are now more able and more confident to take part in local competitions and leagues.


With the new funding we have been able to buy a variety of new sports equipment to support our teaching during lessons, as well as our wide range of after school clubs.  We now also have resources for a parent run ‘Change for life’ club.  In addition to this we are able to send more staff on training courses to improve their knowledge and skills in a variety of sports.

All children from Year 1 to Year 6 go swimming throughout the academic year.  A vital skill for the area we live in.  The hire of the swimming pool is funded through the P.E premium.  These lessons allow the children to gain water competence, confidence and a skill for life.  It also allows us as a school to take part in the local schools swimming gala competitions.


The funding has also allowed us to recognise our achievements by taking part in the AfPE awards, in which we have gained at distinction level.

The effect of funding on participation and attainment in sport and P.E

Better training opportunities has meant that staff are competent and confident at delivering high quality P.E lessons that enthuse children and promote different sports as well as a healthy life style.  Staff are therefore able to also offer a wide variety of sports clubs after school and at lunchtimes throughout the year.  Since the funding has started we have noticed an increase in pupils attending after school and lunchtime clubs.  Attainment is higher across the curriculum and participation in lessons is greater than previous years.   With these new skills it gives us more opportunities to work with other schools through mini leagues and competitions.

How can we ensure these improvements are sustainable?

In order to ensure our improvements are sustainable, we plan to continue to offer a wide variety of clubs year on year.  We follow and promote international sports events and where possible we try to incorporate some of these sports into our school environment, either through taster sessions in P.E lessons or as a club.

Each year we conduct pupil conferencing to gather the children’s views and opinions about their P.E lessons and the clubs we offer.  We listen to our children and try where possible, to adapt our curriculum and clubs to suit the needs and interests of the pupils.

We take part in local CPD sessions and courses and we enjoy working collaboratively with other schools in our area.  We will continue to do this, with the aim of participating and organising small leagues and competitions.


Mrs Wherry

PE Co-ordinator

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