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School Uniform

At Ludgvan School, we believe uniform should provide children with a sense of belonging whilst being practical and affordable. 


Regular Uniform

Our unifrom for day-to-day wear consists of a blue jumper or cardigan, white polo shirt, grey trousers/shorts/skirt or dress and black shoes. 

Blue and white gangham dresses and sandals can also be worn. 

Active Uniform

When your child has PE or Outdoor Learning at school, they should come into school wearing their 'Active Uniform'. This consists of A blue Ludgvan hoodie, jumper or cardigan, black jogging bottoms and trainers or wellies. This ensure no learning time is wasted getting changed and children are in appropriate clothing for their activity.  


You can buy uniform at and view our uniform policy here

We also have a range of used uniform in great condition available for free. Please call into the office to ask about stock. 

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