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Ludgvan Academy, Lower-Quarter, Ludgvan, Penzance, Cornwall, TR20 8EX : 01736 740408

School Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We have created a brand new curriculum for this academic year, with the overriding focus being on developing all aspects of child’s character and skillset, not just focussing on their academic progress in tested subjects. 

Every term, your child will embark on a journey through a new topic. All of their learning will be accessed through this topic and will culminate in a presentation of their learning to an authentic audience. 

This year, our three school wide topics are Plastic Pollution, Refugees and Climate Change. These are issues that affect everyone and their prevalence in the media ensure that there is a clear relevance and link to all the children’s learning. 

At Ludgvan School, we follow the Early Years Areas of Learning throughout the school. This enables us to give equal importance to all aspects of your child’s development. The seven areas of learning are:

  • Communication and language development. 

  • Physical development. 

  • Personal, social, and emotional development. 

  • Literacy development. 

  • Mathematics. 

  • Understanding the world. 

  • Expressive arts and design. 





We are always committed to improving the provision that we offer your children. Through being part of Leading Edge Academies Partnership, we now have an additional layer of school improvement priorities to ensure we are delivering on our vision of offering ‘world class education for all’. 


Leading Edge Academies Partnership Priorities

  • Curriculum and Assessment

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • IT and Digital Learning


Ludgvan School Priorities

  • Develop the school environment

  • Develop community links and involvement

  • Develop curriculum provision


For a more indepth Term by Term view of what our Children are learning in class please click the links below: